About Military Only Travel

Military Only Travel (MOTs) was developed by an avid Space-A traveler to ‘give-back’ to the military community by helping you save money on your travels.  Military benefits are slowly being eroded but Space-A travel is still a stand-out perk. Space-A lodging rates increased 30% to 200% from 2012 to 2013, but it still offers a savings over commercial rates, you don’t have to pay room taxes (except for IHG hotels) and rooms on base are safe and secure.

MOTs knows there is other Space-A information out there on the web, however, that information is buried among a mountain of various and often unrelated sources.  When time is limited and speed is essential the Military Only Travel website will take you directly to the information you are seeking.  You don’t have to sort through multiple webpages of verbosity often loaded with ads or pop-ups blocking your desired information.

MOTs chose to make the process as simple as possible.  Pick a state or country to find out what is available at any given military installation.  Contact the passenger terminal or lodging office, and you’re done.

MOTs included other useful information for the Space-A traveler such as MWR and recreational Lodging, ITT ticket offices, and USO locations.  When all else fails on your Space-A adventures, there are qualified full-service travel agencies in each time zone that are veteran owned and military friendly.  They will help you get on your way.

MOTs is always interested in feedback, especially if it involves any omissions, inaccuracies, or outdated information on the website.  Or if you have a travel tip you would like to share, then contact Military Only Travel at:


Or click here.