Advertising Policy

For the remainder of 2013, or until further notice, advertising on this site is FREE with the following stipulations.

  • Acceptance, placement and duration of any ads will be at the discretion of Military-Only-Travel (MOTs).
  • Ads from non-profit military or veteran related organizations are always free when space permits.
  • Ads from commercial entities must be travel related and offer a product or service at a discount to military members that would not otherwise be available to the general public.  Discounts may an on-going offer, seasonal (Christmas, Military month, etc.)  for a defined period or for certain holidays, (Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.) .
  • Where applicable, ads from business websites with advertising would have to offer a reciprocal ad privileges.
  • Businesses offering an in-kind product or service as a prize for the ‘Lost Traveler’ contest will have their ads displayed on the home page and receive recognition as a partner for the contest.
  • Ads accepted only from US businesses, organizations or individuals.
  • may terminate any FREE advertising at any time for any reason .
  • Ads must meet size requirements, media uploads are limited to 1 mb.

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