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Q.  You have some good ‘commercial’ deals like the cruises, do you have to be military to take advantage of these?

A.  Our focus is on the military traveler but we service everyone.  Although the deals we post are for military members, there are similar deals for the general public and our travel agents will be glad to help you with your travels.

Q. Where can I find information on the different categories for Space-A travel?? 

A.  The best place is here on the AMC website:  Travel Categories


Q.  I am an ROTC member and carry a DOD I.D. card, can I use these Space-A travel benefits??

A.  Mostly YES!  But there are rules and limitations, and they can change and do change periodically, so please check with AMC regarding Space-A travel, and the appropriate facility for Space-A lodging for their most current policies.


Q.  Why don’t you have an RV or camping section on your website??

A.  There has not been much expressed interest to date, however, we can add it in the future.


Q.  An iPhone app would be real handy, do you have one available??

A.  Not at the moment, but our future plans call for one.


Q.  I noticed that all the cruise lines offer a military discount, are these a good deal??

A.  First, not all cruise lines offer military discounts.  Second, those who do may only offer it to active duty personnel and not retirees or reserve personnel.  Please check closely with the respective cruise line. YES, they can be a very good deal and our affiliated Travel Agents can answer all your questions.


Q.  I could not find information on rules of Space-A travel and how to signup on your website.

A.  You can find the official information and rules at this website at AMC.  The site will also offer remote/online signup for Space-A flights.