The definition of words, abbreviations and other terms in the context of this website are explained here.


Space-A  means Space Available.  For air travel, that means after all duty passengers and required cargo is boarded then any remaining space can/may be allotted for eligible personnel for onward travel.   At Air Terminals, passengers selected for Space-A travel will be notified by a passenger service rep and given a boarding pass or simply escorted to the aircraft by the flight crew.

Space-A lodging actually offers a reservation service depending on the vacancy rate for the dates requested.  Some lodging facilities will not take reservations until a few days or a week prior to your arrival date.  There is also a possibility that you could be ‘bumped’ from your room reservation anytime prior to arrival date for official travelers.


Air Terminal – Mostly a Navy term, synonymous with passenger terminal, air operations, passenger movement area, etc.  May be controlled by air operations, base operations, an Air Mobility Squadron, an Air Refueling Wing, Transportation Management Office, etc.

Base Lodging – Essentially official lodging for personnel on orders.  Usually on base but possibly at another base or secure site. Space-A rooms reservations may have lead time restrictions and limitations at official lodging facilities.

MWR/Rec Lodging – Essentially unofficial lodging and rooms can be reserved in advance though there may be length of stay restrictions.

MWR/ITT – Morale, Welfare and Recreation / Information Tickets & Tours, also Information Tickets & Travel, also Information, Tickets & Registration Office (ITR).  Synonymous with the Army’s FMWR.

USO – United Services Organization.  A noteworthy organization for their support of traveling military members with world-wide facilities and lounges, some offer tour & travel services.  ID card required to use their facilities.

AFRC – Armed Forces Recreation Center.  AFRC  full-service resort hotels are Joint Service Facilities that provide quality, wholesome, affordable, Family-oriented vacation recreation opportunities to service members, their families, and other authorized patrons (including official travelers) of the Total Defense Force.

Facebook – Some official sources use Facebook to disseminate their information.  Useful if you have a facebook account, not so useful otherwise.



AB – Air Base

AFB – Air Force Base

AFS – Air Force Staion

ARB – Air Reserve Base

ASW – Anti-Submarine Warefare

BEQ – Bachelor Enlisted Quarters

BOQ – Bachelor Officer Quarters

CGAS – Coast Guard Air Station

ISC – Integrated Support Command

ITT – Information, Tickets and Tours

JB – Joint Base

MCAS – Marine Corps Air Station

MCB – Marine Corps Base

MCLB – Marine Corps Logistics Base

MCRD – Marine Corps Recruit Depot

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NAF – Naval Air Facility

NAS – Naval Air Station

NS – Naval Station

NSA – Naval Support Activity

NSF – Naval Support Facility

NWS – Naval Weapons Station

SCSC – Surface Combat Systems Center

TLF – Temporary Lodging Facility